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Home is Alaska, currently residing in Texas and Illinois
July 25
Leo (Jul 23-Aug 22)
Always leave the gate the way you found it.

Listen to the wood.

Who speaks for wolf?

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a short 5'9"
mostly grey head and beard
Gary Olen closeouts
a dangerous mix of animism, pantheism, deism, Taoism, and spiritual agnosticism
of this world
The loyal opposition
Yes I am highly oriented toward sex
Married and loving it since April 1978
2 children, 2 grandchildren


Melville Emerson Whitman Daniel Quinn Leslie Silko Annie Dillard
Ishmael Grammatical Man Ceremony Moby Dick Leaves of Grass Siddhartha Dune - all LOR
UTNE The Progressive Tikkun The Sun
Anchorage Daily News WSJ
Tundra Better or worse Funkie Winklebert
Americanization of Emily Inherit the Wind (Tracy) The Great Dictator To Kill a Mockingbird Murphy's Romance Wind and the Lion Parenthood Thunderheart Legends of the Fall Meet Joe Black Cars Phenomenon
Scrubs Deadwood
James Garner Anthony Hopkins Spencer Tracy Sean Connery Michael Caine Sally Fields Ingrid Bergman Carole Lombard Both Hepburns
You name it
John Stewart Leo Kottke John Hartford Aaron Copeland Jethro Tull Little Feat Glenn Miller
X-C Skiing
Any team from Chicago
The mountains (especially in the winter)and the desert.
fish rice