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Doesnt matter, you'll never meet me anyway
January 31
Aquarius (Jan 19-Feb 18)
Dont pm me unless i know you, ill only click it off, or cuss you out, whichever im in the mood for

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5'4 1/2 and hush i love my 1/2 an inch
489.....11 more pounds til i make 500 YES!
Medium brown
Changes when im bored
Jerseys and anything thing baggy, OR anything see thru
Well sure, i get biblical with myself daily!! And no im not evil "ALL" the time, even I need sleep :P
im a mutt, what can i say
Vote for this, Vote for that, who the hell cares they'll do what they want anyway
Very Straight
Married to the one and only Partytx mwaaaaa's love you baby!
Yes i know im a pervert, doesnt mean you'll benefit from it so dont pm me


Anne Rice - violence and sex????? who wouldnt love her V.C. Andrews - again, violence and sex????
Well yeah i read those, But why is everyone naked in them?
Playgirl could be better if they had guys that actually had something to show
Weekly World News - how much more truthful can you get?
Fox Trot - i love that smartass lil boy
Daddy would you like some sausage? Daddy would you like some sausage? - sorry its stuck in my head
Charmed - Bitches yet still get theirs at the end of the show HELL YEAH!
Vin Diesel - cant say why, the hubby will be upset
Mostly Screw, then r&b, then rap.........pretty much anything you can fuck to.
Jagged Edge is the best, Lonestar close 2nd
Wrestling - Men with muscles in spandex sweating???? who wouldnt love it, i MEAN shouldnt rick flair be dead already?
Spanish Sausage smothered in underware