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retired @ the head of Chesapeake Bay and confluence of the North East River in wonderful, downtown, historic Charlestown, MD, 21914 = 39.58°N by 75.98°W
We worship on most Sundays at a LC-MS congregation in Newark, DE, where the pastor and people have been super kind toward us.
retired Lutheran [ELCA] minister, active {at my age who can tell?} Fellow of the Academy of Parish Clergy, and former Dean of General Studies for APC
LUKE 11:9 - So I tell you, ASK, it will be given to you; SEEK, you will find; KNOCK, and it will be opened to you.
2016 Cadillac SRX
We should have gotten an auto like this about 50 years ago. Maybe I'd not have had so many back aches through the years? All I do is back up at the driver's side, sit down, and swing my legs up and into the car. No strains or stretches necessary!

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over 6' = the safest as my doc says I'm shrinking
@ 248# = going down, but still too much
more white, only white
basic black
Lutheran \ Christian, same thing IMO
WASP American
Federalist \ Libertarian
Retired, but happily married
4 living children, grandchildren = 11 living, one gone on ahead of us all, and one engaged to marry (5 NOV 2022)
So I tell you, ASK, it will be given to you; SEEK, you will find; KNOCK, and it will be opened to you. LUKE 11:9


Psalms, Qoheleth, MARK, 1 JOHN
"A Marginal Jew" (2 Vols.) by John P. Meier
Wooden Boat
The Madness of King George, Gandhi
Are you being served?
any harp or harpsichord or clavichord or mandolin
Andres Segovia
target shooting, horse racing, croquet, striper fishing
Dunes, Ocean City, MD
Kalbsschnitzel mit kartoffelkroketten, und jaegersause, sauted softshell blue crabs in white wine, garlic, butter sauce, Eggs Benedict [with the poaching done in Dry Sack],, fine white wines, any classic port, Scrapple, German potato salad, sauerkraut, dunkle beers