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Bibi (JORGE41)
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Coral Springs , Florida
January 15
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
no personal quotes..I still have Orange N Blue in my veins... go Hillers!

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5' 11.5'' did not make it
black and lots of gray (the gray is starting to overtake (correction overtook now) the black..
working boots and shorts are ok... hey I live in Fla and have to do the lawn... give me a break.
a bad catholic ,play baseball in a league on sundays..don't get to see the church much...yeah it was planned that way, sort of...
Cuban.. (we always demand the addition .. don't know why)
Against communist everywhere
Jersey Girls... "..cause down the shore everyting's allright." some guy from freehold that can't sing either said it better..
married - going on 21 years now.
boy (15) , girl (12) in 2003
I'm not selling anything... but I got friends looking for people to attend Amway and Mellaluca presentations.. may I have your name and phone # please?


usually some college baseball coach.
Baseball, Tennis
MSBL, Muscle Fitness
The Hudson Dispatch.. oops now only the Jersey Journal
Mantequilla and Yogi emails
First Blood , Predator, Terminator.. you get the picture.. blow them off the face of the earth type of movies.
Monday Night Football, This week in Baseball
Stallone, Harrison Ford, Arnold Swa....
Springsteen, Rock , no Jazz no classical , Some Disco and Spanish then back to Springsteen, Rock
Springsteen and the EStreet Band
Baseball, Tennis
NJ some day, mainly Orlando Fla
Pizza (Luigis is the best), Popcorn, Sam Adams, Tequiza, throw in some Tortilla Chips while you are at it.