Oso Negro (Cullagamhas)

Oso Negro (Cullagamhas)

Oso Negro (Cullagamhas)
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Back in El Paso TEXAS! Houston Sucks!
October 2
Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)
You cant teach a pig to sing! All you get is an irritated pig and a waste of time.
That's a 2007 FLHTP (Police Model Electra Glide) in the picture.

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Brown and Grey, Like an Old Bear
No not really, boots and jeans.
Dress shirts and newer jeans for work and HD t-shirts for play
I believe.
On the Right Side!
Very Happily Married
Going on 25 years to my beautiful bride JoJo. I give thanks for my blessings.
We have 5, +8 grandchildren, and Ginger, a Cocker Spaniel
It doesnt mean $h!t too a tree! and, Everything works if you let it.


Its the words not the writer
used to have time for that
Naked comics?? Ugh!
6 Sense, The Patriot. A Boy and His Dog
Big Bang Thoery, Walking Dead, Fox News
off the screen who cares?
Rock, Country Rock, Blues, Bluegrass.
Too Many, most you never heard of but, The Greatest Rock/Blues band ever... The Yardbirds! Wisbone Ash! Foghat!
Nascar and NFL
Packers, Only the greatest team to ever play the game!
Secret. Dont want to ruin it.
Burritos. Chilie Colorado for lunch and Chilie Verde for supper., Yes!! I am in favor of food.