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β€œAt the core of liberalism is the spoiled child β€” miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats.”
- P. J. O'Rourke


You give me no choice but to answer your queries here:

HumanBeing2 - What you did, offering me a suicide hotline number and diagnosing me from an internet messageboard was wildly inappropriate. Sorry for the public chastisement but you know you were wrong. You need to get over it. I can tell you are still smarting from the public spanking I gave you. It's why you have the bee in your bonnet. Set it free.

Mahjong54 (socko Karen) - You went into my husband's forum. I said in a PM you were hateful to me with two enormous 2000 word essays at OP mentioning me a lot and saying the most ridiculous made up things, and that you are not welcome in our forum. I locked you out. You wrote a PM back with some drivel. I wrote ONE ADDITIONAL PM to you (ONLY ONE) telling you I had you on ignore so you couldn't PM me again. You ran to tell your buddies that I was spamming you with PMs. You lied again. And our only exchange at the Bully Pulpit was to tell you I had no wish to communicate with you because I know you to be hateful and sickening. I guess that put the bee in your bonnet. Set it free.

Lisa - It is time you got over me. I don't hate you. I just want you to be forever gone from my life. Remember Sassyness saying how dumb it was that 10 years later we were still rehashing that war? She was right. And she said that 10 years ago. So that means 20 years later you are still obsessing about the nice girls and the mean girls. Wow. Get out of the schoolyard mama. Interspersed among your many lies are little kernels of truth. Yes I was hounded (you told the truth). I left OP before I was locked out (you lied about that). You ran to Polter and convinced him to lock me out and he did. No loss there. I did not turn on you for Donald Trump. I turned on you for trashing Trump supporters ad nauseum (you lied about that too). When I apologized TWICE to you, you refused me. See, you and Markie have a lot in common. She broke the olive branch I held out in good faith and you rejected TWO apologies held out in good faith. What kind of people do that? Well, you and Markie. Anyway, toots, time to get the bee out of your bonnet. Set it free. You've made that whole OP forum about me, but I guess Polt is okay with it. Post count and ratings and all that.

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Sky blue
comfy and modest (not flashy)
Observant Jewish
Jewish of Eastern European descent
Conservative of course!
straight goods
blissfully happily married to Webby.
preferably well-behaved.
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Marion Zimmer Bradley, Bernard Cornwell
Stuff about King Arthur. Books about the United Kingdom. Scary stuff.
Out of Africa. Witness.
Survivor, Amazing Race, Hell's Kitchen
You're kidding me, right? Okay, anyone who isn't leftwing looney.
60s, 70s, 40s swing, Celtic, Latino, Uncle Moishey
occasionally, big fan of the home team
I wish
Kosher, Just say NO to shmaltz herring and cooked vegetables that are orange. This means YOU yams!, Red beets -- take a hike!