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December 30
I do whatever i can when im not hurting so bad with my fibromyalgia, but i make the most of my day, i love to cook, and read, and write poems, and read, and play some video games, mostly brain games, and watch some tv, but thats about it.
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
None/Not employed
Father, help us to realize our dreams and become the people you'd like us to be. Please help us to encourage others to do the same. Amen

The answers to all of life's questions lie somewhere deep inside us, and faith is the key to our knowing that the voice of our soul will guide us.

Believe in yourself.. for no one else will.

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5 ft7
170 lbs
just whatever
Christian, The Lord and Savior will save me, amen!!
white/french candian/mohawk indian
dont understand politics much
in a relationship and very happy
a 2 yr old son and a 9 month old daughter
believe in yourself, and love yourself because if you dont, no one will believe in you or love you either.


Ann Rule, and anything true crime, and autobiographies, and self help books, and my bible
anything true
pc world
ER, anything on court tv, and cnn headline news
reese witherspoon
anything but rap and opera
anything i cook, since i cook almost everything from scratch