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Chandler, Arizona
January 20
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
Cats are solar powered.

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Shorter than I used to be.
I'm not overweight, I'm under tall!
Mostly bright white
Casual - VERY casual. In a dress, I feel like a package come open at one end.
Irish, Scot, Dutch, German, English, American Indian - Generally WASP I suppose.
Conservative liberal, or is that Liberal Conservative?
Stepchildren only - but they love me.


Brin, Orson Scott Card, Flint, Diana Gabaldon, Heinlein, Lackey, McCaffrey, Ringo, Weber, more, more!
Science fiction and Mysteries (my sanity demands a certain amount of reading everyday - ceral boxes will do in a pinch)
Discover, Smithsonian, Quiltmaker
The local Trib
For Better or Worse, Cathy, Garfield
NOVA, Last of the Summer Wine, Death in Paradise, all of the CSI, all of the NCIS, Bones
Bluegrass, classical, country, Rock'n'Roll, Golden Moldies from the 50's, 60's and 70's.
Ice Hockey, Auto racing
Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Cookies