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Northeast Ohio, the States!
November 27
Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)
You are exactly where you choose to be.
(If that doesn't sound correct, what do you need to do to fix it?)

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I still think I am 6'0"
Dark Brown
Camouflage as a fashion statement, I just can't see it.


The Celestine Prophecy & the sequels, The Bible, Conversations With God, The Prayer of Jabez, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and too many others to mention.
Men's Health, Kung Fu, Black Belt, Martial arts mags, Popular Science, Reader's Digest, and the occasional comic book.
More than I can list here...Humor is so very important for balance.
The Green Mile, The Matrix series, Circle of Iron & 40 thousand no... 50 thousand more.
A little bit of everything...really!
The Classic Rock AllStars. (Lead singers from Iron Butterfly, Rare Earth, Cannabal and the Headhunters, and Sugarloaf), Ukulele Orchestra of GB, Queen, Brian Setzer Orch., and a variety you need to ask about... should you so choose.
New Orleans, L.A., Put-In-Bay, , and...