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Chewelah, WA
July 30
Don't let the bastards drag you down

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Light brown/fed Beard Gray/brn/red
What you see is what you get. Long hair, beard, levi's and tee shirt. Sometimes I dress up and put on a shirt with a collar. My son made me wear a tux to his wedding though
Mutt: English/Scottish/Irish/Native American/Jewish
I voted for George W. What choice did I have. Slick Willie's little buddy?
Hetro sexual. That means I like women. right?
Married 3 yrs in January
3 still home. 1 in the Navy and in the Gulf. My son Joel was promoted to AE1 (E-6) And is working towards WO
I am older than I was before.I live in a small town now instead of by myself on a mountain. I can still go soak my feet in the creek that runs through the yard.


Hep c Vets
Tom Clancy, WEB Griffin, Patricia Cornwell, steven Coontz, David Baldacci, Terry Brooks, Michael Chrichton, John Grisham, Jack Higgins, Tony Hillerman, Robert B. Parker, Anne McCaffrey and Ken follett
I forget. Blame the brain fog
What ever I find interesting on the table at the VA hospital
None. The kid refuses to peddle his bike two miles up the mountain dirt road to deliver the paper
No Newspaper therefore no comics
Almost anything I can find on DVD at the movie rental place.
Changes season to season
I forget all the names
Classic Rock, Oldies, Blues, Classical and I can tolorate Country for short periods
Tom Petty, Led Zepplin. Lots of others that slip my mind at the moment
Gave up on them when I quit drinking beer.
North Coast of California and Southern Oregon
Anything that doesn't bite me back.