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Tha Rock
December 30
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 20)
A woman's life can be measured not by the amount of wealth she has accumulated, but by the quality and duration of her friendships ~Author Uknown

Well behaved women are rarely remembered in history ~Author Unknown.

"I will never believe all that's whispered is truth" ~Tischeeky

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slight goth
Celtic Witch/Lakota. Started practicing Witchcraft at age 16, was initiated into several covens.
Native American, African, Czech, Austrian, Gypsy


Starhawk, Z. Buddapest, Stephen King, Agatha Christie, Anne Rice
Horror, the scarier the better ;O) Although I don't recall being scared by any movies since I seen the original "Amityvill Horror" when I was 8...and I've seen ALOT of scary movies...
Friends, CSI (all 3)The History Channel
Pretty much anything except country....
Lady Isadora, old Metallica, Dio, WASP, Inkubus Sukkubus, Pink, Evenescense, Cheryl Crow, Tori Amos... to name a few...LOL
watching Basketball, not by choice..LOL my brother L is an avid basketball player; and an awesome one at that. I do enjoy hiking though! And I love swimming!
I dunno I used to really love the Chicago Bulls but quit watching them after Jordan quit.
Black Hills, and Rapid City, SD
Chinese, Indian Tacos