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Orisimark is half elf half dragon. in his elf form he wears a maroon loin cloth and a maroon tunic with his scimitars belted on along with his hunting knife. when he is in dragon form he is a purple dragon with emerald green eyes and he breathes poison to destroy his enemies along with his claws and teeth he is roughly the size of a small mountain in his dragon form and only 5'10 inches in his elf form.
November 17
Orisimark was a orphan he knew no one he was raised by a small village named drueth but once they saw what he was they threw him out at 10 he became a mercenary for hire. he walked through towns at night so they would be unaware he was there until one day he was caught and attacked so he had to kill the man.
Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)
So when he was a teenager word traveled of who and what he was. so he was challenged at every town he went because everyone wanted to say they slayed a dragon. that is how he learned his swordsman ship. now he is 21 he wondered aimlessly till one day he took a bath in a river and when he got out he saw a cat man and a drunk young woman who showed him the way to tyran and he was shown around by Soro around the stronghold and then told him he should join her clan and told her to meet the king. So he decided it was a wise choice and was brought before Tempest the King of Dragons

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5'10 elf- 200ft dragon
emerald green
Long flowing white hair
maroon tunic and maroon loincloth. wears scimitars and a hunting knife and both tend meld with his dragon form when orisimark changes.
Aligned with the XD clan

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